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There has been a lot of debate about the dangers or second hand marijuana smoke. There is concern that this second hand smoke can cause people to experience what is known as a contact high. There is also concern that the smoke will cause an individual to develop cancer or other illness due to the smoke. Second hand marijuana smoke is also under evaluation as to how it interacts with the walls and furniture in comparison to cigarette smoke. These different studies regarding the second hand weed smoke is becoming more common and more important as more states begin to consider the use of marijuana legal for those who do not have serious medical need for the drug.

When marijuana first came on the scene, it was thought of as the wonder drug. People loved it because it made them feel good and because it calmed them down. Many more people felt that marijuana was the key to enlightenment and used it to ascend into their spiritual aspects. During this moment in time, marijuana was heavily smoked, to the point where people would claim that they were feeling the affects of the marijuana from just being in the room. This claim is what has sparked the debate about the seriousness of second hand marijuana smoke. This has also sparked a series of tests that need to be completed showing the dangers, or lack there of, regarding second hand smoke.

The contact high is a high that occurs when a frequent smoker is around those who are smoking. The high that the non-smoking individual feels is said to be caused by the smoke that is in the room. There is some evidence of this occurring since those who have not used marijuana before claim to experience this effect from second hand marijuana smoke. The contact high is one of the most common excuses for children who have failed the drug test and are looking for a way out of trouble. However, despite there being evidence that the second hand marijuana smoke can produce a very small high in people, there is no evidence that the smoke can cause a failed drug test.

Cancer is one of the risks that people were arguing about in regards to cigarette smoke in closed buildings. This risk has lead to the banning of cigarette smoking in many bars and restaurants. Second hand marijuana smoke has the same potentially deadly consequence as the cigarette has. There is no evidence that there is a higher risk for those who are around second hand marijuana smoke than there is for those who are around second hand cigarette smoke, but there is still a risk. To cut all risk factors regarding the respiratory functions and cancer, it is suggested that air alone is all that one breathes. Incense, marijuana and cigarettes are all known for potentially causing lung and throat cancers.
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